Document of the Celtic Druids

The Druids ended up an historic order of Celtic clergymen within the societies of Western Europe, Britain and Eire. The Celtic Druids served their communities by combining the obligations of seer, priest, poet, thinker, historian, scholar, trainer, physician, astronomer and astrologer. The Celts had developed a very superior non secular course of, with a number of divisions of gents who have been being held in incredible honor the most cost effective division ended up often known as the Ovates, the second division had been referred to as the Bards after which the Druids. The ovates have been the healers and seers the bards memorised the tracks, poems, and tales of the tribe (historians) although the druids taught moral philosophy and had been trade specialists within the workings of natural science.

The Celtic Druids ended up advisers to the rulers of that point, acted as judges within the event of disputes, supervised executions and even managed the approved program. They have been being held in such regard that in the event that they intervened involving two armies they may stop the battle. The Druid clergymen and priestesses acted as mediums by the use of which the spirits may very well be summoned and listened to, with rituals in the midst of the historic previous of the Celtic Druids getting enacted in sacred groves of oak bushes and circles of standing stones

The to start out with surviving and fullest account of the druids and their religion is that specified by Julius Caesar in his Commentarii de Bello Gallico, ebook VI, composed in Gaul in 59-51 BC. Over-all, not a lot might be defined of the druids with assurance because the assets of particulars about them is minimal. Nonetheless they ongoing to attribute prominently in afterward assets of Irish fantasy and literature. Subsequently, the heritage of the Celtic Druids offers a variety of obscurities and our key literary sources date once more to the 2nd century BC with Pliny and The Commentaries of Caeser.

“The principal level of their doctrine”, Caesar wrote, “is that the soul doesn’t die and that quickly after dying it passes from an individual physique into one other.”

Caesar continued:

“With regard to their true course of analysis, the primary object of all training and studying is, of their view, to imbue their college students with a enterprise notion within the indestructibility of the human soul, which, in accordance to their perception, merely passes at dying from one explicit tenement to one more for by these sorts of doctrine by yourself, they are saying, which robs dying of all its terrors, can the utmost sort of human braveness be developed. Subsidiary to the teachings of this principal fundamental precept, they keep completely different lectures and conversations on astronomy, on the extent and geographical distribution of the world, on the completely different branches of pure philosophy, and on fairly a number of problems linked with religion”.

Julius Cesar, “De Bello Gallico”, VI, 13

Simply after the initially century BC the continental druids disappeared fully and had been referred to solely on extraordinarily scarce events. Nonetheless, there’s some proof that the druids of Ireland survived into the mid- to late-seventh century. Within the De Mirabilibus Sacrae Scripturae of Augustinus Hibernicus, there’s level out of native magi who prepare a doctrine of reincarnation within the kind of birds.

All through the initially millennium, Celtic and Druid spirituality was preserved by the Christian clerics who carried out the dear help of recording a lot of of the tales and myths by which the oral teachings of the Druids have been conveyed. People who assume that Druidry was ruined with the approaching of Christianity are unsuccessful to totally grasp the resilience of non secular teachings when they’re encoded in myths and tales: and it’s due to the clerics’ recording of those tales that we might be impressed by them proper now. St Patrick additionally recorded the entire outdated Druid tips in Eire – supplying us with invaluable info and info on the ethics and social composition of Celtic Druid society.

A Druid’s Circle is a well-known identify for circles of standing stones all these as Stonehenge, which is essentially the most well-known occasion. These are additionally recognized because the “Temples of the Druids”. Good mounds of earth have been being additionally designed the place the apply of looking for rebirth inside the Earth was executed (wherein initiates would sit in darkness awaiting the time of their rebirth). The perfect instance of that is noticed at New Grange in Eire, wherein a shaft is oriented to the Winter season Solstice daybreak, in order that the daybreak rays can bathe the provoke in daylight proper after his or her vigil by the evening time.

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